Who we are?

Kolej Bałtycka S.A., with 20 years of experience, is a valued private railway carrier.

Our main clients are industrial concerns from various sectors, chemical plants, construction companies, private railway carriers and other logistics operators. We carry out both large projects and regular transport, as well as single spot orders, adapting to the individual needs of our clients.

We provide our services throughout Poland and thanks to our membership in the OT Logistics group we can provide comprehensive logistics solutions throughout Europe.

Additionally, the Baltic Railway also provides services such as:

Operation of work and technical-economic trains
Comprehensive service for private sidings
We provide services throughout Poland
On the requirements regarding the Security Management System (SMS, MMS)
Positions: manoeuvrer, positioner.

Values ​​and experience

The aim of our work is to gain clients’ trust by providing the highest quality services, primarily in terms of timely transport and safety. We approach each project individually to provide a flexible and satisfactory solution.

The company’s success would not have been possible without qualified employees. We have professional staff with many years of experience in the industry, whose commitment contributes to the high quality of services. As an employer, we care about creating a friendly environment for work and further development.

Security systems and certificates

The Safety Management System (SMS) implemented in Kolej Bałtycka S.A. is a guarantee that our activities, measures and procedures are optimized to ensure safe operation in the railway market. Safety is our priority, so we make sure that employees’ safety awareness comes first.

Our high safety standards are confirmed by the certificates obtained by our company. In October 2020, we received the Part A Security Certificate No. PL1120200047 and the Part B Security Certificate No. PL1220200057. In May 2022, the Company was awarded the Certificate of Compliance for the Entity Responsible for Maintenance No. PL/31/0022/0058, confirming our ability to maintain locomotives, and our Maintenance Management System (MMS) became another foundation for the safe operation of the Company. As ECM, we ensure that our procedures minimize the risks associated with maintenance activities.

Our efforts are aimed at constantly raising safety standards and improving working conditions. We understand that providing a safe and efficient environment for employees and clients is crucial, which is why we invest in training, modern solutions and continuous improvement of procedures to minimize the risk of accidents and threats. Our commitment is supported by regular audits and inspections, which allow us to identify areas requiring improvement and respond to any irregularities immediately.

Development directions

We are ready to take the next steps in developing our business as a private railway carrier. Our vision includes increasing our competitiveness, but also improving the efficiency of our services.

One of our main goals is to acquire low-emission rolling stock that complies with the latest ecological standards. Our investment in green rolling stock will enable us not only to reduce the negative impact of our operations on the environment, but also to provide our clients with greener transportation options.

We are determined to increase our share in the railway transport market by expanding our service offering. We plan to actively engage in the market, establish new strategic partnerships and expand our presence in existing and potentially new markets.

Together with our clients, partners and companies from the OT Logistics group, we strive to achieve common goals and build a future of railway transport that is both effective and sustainable.

Our story